Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Could our by-pass hopes get by-passed by Moray?

Ayeright and the by-pass issue.

We haven’t got it yet but the possibility of a Nairn by-pass seems to be fuelling a fair amount of resentment out east in Moray.
Certainly Elgin have been campaigning long and hard so perhaps no surprise that folk are asking why their by-pass and those of neighbouring towns appear to have been shelved.
In this matter is Nairn indeed fortuitous for once to be living under the shadow of the mighty Inverness?

Maybe not if the Elgin folk get their act together AyeRight. The wise head of Sheena Baker was warning last week's ward forum (is that wifie one of the best councillors we never had?) that folk in Elgin were scunnered with Nairn over this and that a pretty massive reaction was builiding up along the road. We've already had a comment from Danny about the by-pass this week. Is this building up to by-pass week in the Gurn? Maybe some spondulicks will be available to map out a line now since the opposition gave in in the Scottish Parliament and passed the budget. What a spat about nothing that was.

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