Saturday, February 28, 2009

A sick joke but true!

Highland Council has 27 million invested in tobaco yes, but part of that investment is incredibly on the behalf of the 'Inverness Burial Grounds Commutation funds.' Deadly but true! How can this organisation claim any respectabilty as long as this situation continues?

They are quoted as saying: '"Tobacco stocks can provide relatively high, stable and predictable returns, particularly relative to other potential investments, particularly during difficult economic times such as these."

For further details head to the BBC site.


Anonymous said...

Aye - they are finding the economic times so hard they are cutting the wages of the poorest paid staff in the Highland Council and giving their "councilers" a nice rise.

"maybe they are smokers"...!

Graisg said...

anon can you give us a link re the ward managers comment you made?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly like all job profiles in the job evaluation process the information has not been made public.

Perhaps you have seen the p&J articles that reffered to the councillors rise? & where the scoring of job profiles is "secret squirrel"

Anonymous said...