Friday, February 20, 2009

A forum of free speech

Thanks to the Doc for the link, this forum introduces itself:
'Welcome to the Inverness Forum a Place where Freedom of Speech - Thought And Opinion has its Stand, Feel Free To Talk about whats on your Mind and any Experiences you have had or maybe your looking for a Mutual House Exchange or Local Letting, Well you've found the right place. '
The Inverness Forum see what you think, unlike the publicly open however, you have to register for this forum to see the content.


dr-grigor said...

what a great wee site our neighbours have hear and looks very professionaly done. they even have a wee live chat room.
it is very imformative and full of interesting things. i would recommend a look

Graisg said...

Seems interesting yes, and to me it follows the format. I see there are people in there getting the dog poo off their chest, etc :-)
Despite the advertising and evident commercial side I imagine it will become quite a community facility.