Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on the Provost's pastime and personal philosophy

Liz, told the Gurn more about her pastime, her personal philosophy and about a forthcoming charity event pictured above:
'The event is to raise money for Crossroads (Nairn), Sponsored by The Macallan Whiskey, and has dancers from across Scotland and America taking part. I've registered event on Homecoming 2009 but not heard back yet if it's been accepted.

My troupe has been going for 3 years, we only dance at community events, family fun days and charity fundraising (we do not go dancing in pubs and clubs). Unfortunately belly dance has an unpleasant stigma attached to it due to peoples preconceived notions or experiences while on holiday. Tribal dancing is about having fun, women supporting each other in a positive atmosphere, being encouraging and developing our dance so it's always evolving and growing as the dancers improve and hone their technique.

Although I enjoy my work life as a Councillor, it can be stressful and at times quite confrontational and Tribal dancing gives me a bit of escapism and it's the best way I've found 'so far' to burn off some steam while hopefully bringing a bit of fun, colour and activity when we perform. I do take my role seriously and always try to represent Nairn and Highlands within the protocols set out with decorum and respect , but I hope I don't have to conform to this 24/7 as I believe I've got as much right as anyone else to let my hair down and enjoy my hobby which is dancing.

I not teaching a regular class at present as I'm focussing solely on the troupe development, but if anyone is interested they could contact me and they'd be very welcome to come along and give it a try.

I believe we should all enjoy and embrace life, not dwell on the past, learn from mistakes and the best way to move is forward (I was never any good at reversing - tee hee)'

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