Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ayeright on Gurn motoring

All of the Gurn team drive around in bright new shiny limos and are very happy to lose packets of money each year when they trade in last years model for a new plate. There’s nothing quite like the smell of new leather as the bank notes are pulled from your wallet to pay for your new wheels.
But the government is considering following the example of other European countries in the form
of a ‘scrap’ payment on vehicles that are over nine years old.
In Germany this can amount to £2,200 and has greatly helped the ailing car industry, as drivers are tempted to trade in older cars for newer models.
With the current economic depression the Gurn can see that this could be applied to many consumer sectors to boost sales of new goods.
Rather than pay Highland Council £15 to collect your old fridge the government could pay you £30 to trade it in for a new one, this would cut out Highland Council as the middle man.
The possibilities are endless and would indeed get the economy on a roll again.
Maybe we could get a trade in for Nairn?

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