Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Doc and plans for his train journey

The Doc is happy to report that my idea of a train journey through film of diff countries wasn't so mad after all !, already i have members of our site as far away as Australia , willing to take part in the docs wee film documentary, filmed by that particular member aboard a train in there own country with views of outside the windows and them talking about film in there particular country, so far we have Scotland , England, Italy, Canada, Australia on-board (sorry)
One person will do there piece on a miniature railway and the person in Australia will catch a train that only comes through there way once every 4 days , one member in China is going to be doing a train journey from Xi'an to Bejing and will do her piece on that train for us !
I think this might turn out to be a world first if it all comes together and it all came to me in a dream !! " Long live the state of cinema "

The way the doc sees the pieces of film merging together is that each shot ends with a shot of what is the scenery outside the moving train and then cuts in to the scenery of the next country and that person does there little clip about film of there particular country and then pans to the scenery outside and so on,, The journey will begin in Nairn (home of the festival) with me entering the train doing my little piece and then cutting to diff countries and the journey ending up with our Australian friend on his train journey in the outback! What a project, but if it comes of then what a wonderful little piece of film that would be, made with worldwide effort !


Anonymous said...

Recently the Inverness/Aberdeen route only seems to have had a train every four days

Are ScotRail selling the tickets for this epic journey as yet Doc?

dr-grigor said...

the doc will just purchase his cheap day return ,on the day of filming !

Graisg said...

Cheap day returns no longer exist Doc, there are lots of other varieties now, the earlier you book the ticket the cheaper it is. Heating no longer exists on some of the trains too.

dr-grigor said...

mmmmmm when did that change ? you used to be able to get a cheap ticket as long as you did not take the 17.11 train home !

Graisg said...

Can't go until after 0900 on the cheaper ones too.
Set aside a day or two and read the rules on the website.

dr-grigor said...

well there is still the megabus for cheap travel, the doc and a friend spent the day in Edinburgh last wednesday for the total sum of £4 for the two of us return !! £1 single each .

Graisg said...

And £4.50 each for the return to Inverness? Crazy isn't it?

Nairn said...

Doc if you went by bus rather than train surely you would just end up with a 'road movie' :)

This company (I like their name) have a list of famous train movies - hopefully yours will up there soon!