Tuesday, February 03, 2009

AyeRight helps scorch rumours

We are becoming used to empty shops, closing down sales, and a general lack of bustle on our High Street. From a notice placed in this weeks Nairnshire it would seem we also need to contend with a new factor, rumour!The proprietor of Cumfy carpets through the Nairnshire wishes it to be known that the business is not in fact closing down, and he is there to provide us with the same excellent service which he has provided for the past 24 years.Maybe we the shoppers have been passing the store too quickly, or not enough of us have stopped and gone through the doors thinking it was closing down? Or possibly a rival is spreading the malicious rumour of the firms imminent foreclosure – who knows, but nice to see a positive business statement in these troubled times.
Quite right Iright, all power to Cumfy carpets, only ever heard good reports about them and their follow-up service. Rumours certainly abound these days and today a Gurn reporter today told us of an incident where an exasperated shop assistant turning to her colleague and saying, 'If one more person asks me if we are closing down...'

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