Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Planning Department fails to inspire confidence to say the least

Late yesterday afternoon the Gurn received the following comment on a related matter:

'Readers of your Blog might like to note that the Advert giving 21 days to inspect the plans etc and make representation was wrongly worded by Planning (It gave the address where plans could be inspected as Golspie). Therefore a new notice has to be inserted by Planning. This gives extra time and also gives us an insight into why the Council are overspending and trying to save some money at Maclean Court(They will have the cost of 2 adverts instead of one )Mind you if they worked in a bank they would probably see that as grounds for a bonus.'

Sure enough Gurnites, a new ad appears today in the Nairnshire with a little footnote:
The Highland Council would like to apologise for the incorrect office address which was published on last week's advert....'
Hardly inspiring is it? If they can't even get the ad right what hope is there?

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