Thursday, February 26, 2009

Four places where you can sign the MacLean Court Petition

Samantha Bacon has informed the Gurn of two new sites in town where you can sign the petition, remember there are already petition sheets in David Bronwlee's Bikes and Buggie shop in Leopold Street but now you can also sign at:
Graeme Fraser & Co --- Accountant between The Kist and the Baby Shop and

Strachans Paper Shop.

Samantha adds, 'Hopefully, more Petition sites soon but just a reminder that all petitions and letters of protest have to be in either to Liz MacDonald via the Service Point or Harriet Dempster of the Social Work Department, Highland Council, before the 10th March. '
Please note UPDATE: Petition can now be signed in the Star Hotel

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Anonymous said...

Petition available in The Star Hotel Church Street. Just go in and ask. Mines a Pint By the way!!