Tuesday, February 03, 2009

AyeRight is wasted again

Fired up by reading the Nairnshire, AyeRight is inspired:
This week’s splendid edition of the Nairnshire (Isn’t it always) reports that Nairn is one of the top areas in the Highlands for recycling, we have reached the dizzy heights of 63%.
I’m first to admit that I’m prone to gurning about our recycle centre being some miles away from Nairn. Clearly its distant position on the Grantown Road doesn’t stop Nairnites driving out with both their waste and enlarging carbon footprint, I reckon if they really wanted to cash in they should open a café and make it a real tea and a scone day out, apart from all the waste it is in a truly beautiful setting.
Our other method of recycling is via the blue and brown bins. Maybe folk are buying less or not tidying the garden so much, but they don’t seem to be making quite such a prolific appearance on empty days, has our initial enthusiasm slipped? I know the lid on one of my bins has broken, but I’m not seeing thicker pieces of paper returned in the empty bin so much these days. Perhaps Highland Council has secretly agreed my idea of what is paper and not cardboard, or do we have less diligent operators on the recycling wagon?
Kirklees Council have garbage truck that runs on its on waste
, this involves burning the rubbish it collects in what is now called a Energy from Waste power station and using the electricity produced to charge up the electric truck.
Energy from Waste is now a positive description of what used to be called incinerators, which push out all kinds of toxins, but apparently this is like calling Sellafield Windscale that we all know it’s not any longer, don’t we?

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