Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cash for questions

Scottish Conservatives (Remember them?) claim to have secured 60 million pounds to help Scottish town centres
Every High street in Scotland could use a bit of TLC so just for once the Conservatives surely have a vote winning policy, I can’t see any town centre turning down a bit of makeover cash ‘No, we look nice enough thank you’.
It’s not clear from the web site as to how the money will be distributed, you are asked to nominate your town centre so it’s maybe just a case of getting enough votes (First past the post?), or the most heart rendering story of rot and decay? Nor is it clear as to how the winning towns can spend it but let’s worry about that when Nairn wins.
There are just over 300 towns in Scotland so if the monies were fairly distributed (Not a Conservative trait) then each town could have just under £200,000 to make their High Streets thriving and pretty once again.
The way councils spend money at the moment a team of consultants would be employed using most of if not all of the hard won cash to tell us as to how to spend it!

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