Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nairn 2 Deveronvale 2

After a flaky start Nairn dominated this game for most of the match and the goals by Lewis MacKinnon and Shuan Kerr showed class and confidence. The long lay-off had not harmed the team's abilities at all, infact quite the opposite as Nairn showed the league leaders how to play football. It all melted away to almost nothing however as Deveronvale got two goals in the last few minutes and showed the class and power that had eluded them for most of the game.
Pictures will enlarge and more of them tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the second picture down, Has the Gurn been unmasked (Man in centre) lol.

The Manager really has to have a long hard think about his managerial skills. I think he must have been the only person in Station Park that could not see Gregg Main was going to be sent off. The guy must go. After we sort out the Maclean Court protest i urge the Gurn to start a "Fridge Must go" campaign!!

Graisg said...

No, the Gurnmeister it not is :-)

Graisg said...

Oh aye, according to the P&J
'Deep into injury time Vale levelled when substitute McKenzie hammered the ball high into the roof of the net.'
Yes, injury time certainly did go deep!! in fact I don't think it ever goes much deeper than that.

Anonymous said...

Under new Highland Council rules it will soon cost £15 to uplift a fridge so unless he goes soon NFC will have to find the cash!

In the first photo is that AyeRight standing behind Mr Fridge?

Graisg said...

The Gurn has upset a few folk recently and has no urge to add the Station Park powers that be to the list so as far as Wee County affairs go the Gurn is the voice of the Politburo. :-)

Anyway if you want the manager oot you can always start your own blog! We live in a digital democracy.

Bin It said...

£15 to uplift a fridge? no way,recyclers would come and pick him up for nothing surely.