Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lib Dems start campaign site for Nairn By-pass

They state 'Nairn needs a by-pass NOW! The Scottish Government says it will build the by-pass that Nairn urgently needs sometime between now and 2032, but it won't say when - or where Nairn's by-pass is in the queue of projects. MP Danny Alexander and councillor Graham Marsden have set up this website to campaign for Nairn to be near the top of the list.'
Their campaign site is set-up in blog format and accepts comments. Nice to see the by-pass campaign moving into the digital environment.
UPDATE Sunday morning: Apologies wrong information above, the Gurnmeister tried to make a comment on the Lib Dem By-pass blog but was met with the following: 'Comments are closed.' Oh Dear, digital democracy is a two-way thing and not just a top-down affair. Obviously comments have to be vetted but allowing comments would enable further conversation between the politicians and readers. Shame about that! Aren't Danny and Graham up for a bit more consultation with folk in Nairn?
UPDATE: Sunday afternoon: comments are allowed folks, according to site admin:
'Thanks Bill - comments are open, although they had accidentally been left off on one of the posts (the one before this one).
It has been sorted now (I hope).'


Nairn said...

I'll sign yours if you'll sign mine

Looks like folk are waking up to the digital age with this campaign blog for the Nairn bypass.
Signatures are being asked for, will the MacLean Court protest enjoy the Lib Dems support if Nairnites support their campaign, and will other parties also support the Lib Dems for the bypass?
I note that you can donate to the party via paypal from anywhere in the world. Are party donations now allowed from outwith the UK?

Provost Liz said...

It should be recognised that the SNP Scottish Government is the first ever to specify a by-pass for Nairn in their Strategic Transport Project Review. The Lib Dem and Labour administration of the first 8 years of Scottish Gov didn't even agree there was a need for a by-pass.
I agree that lobbying should be continued and now is not the time to be complacent. The Scottish Gov wants to deliver on it's pledges and we must all do what we can to move it forward.
The Highland Council minutes of TEC Committee 22 January 2009 state that TEC Services should work closely with Planning and Development Services during the Highland Structure Plan Review to identify a viable route for Nairn Bypass. This was included because of my contributions.

Bill said...

Good to see this moving forward; Nairn badly needs a by-pass.

I posted a comment on the LibDem site by the way and it says my comment 'awaits moderation'; I'll check back and see if it ever appears live on the site.

jayteescot1 said...

I think a By-pass would be a tremendous Boon for Nairn and the environment. Long overdue !
I hope all our local politicians will push for this at every opportunity. Well done Liz.

good2blether said...

The best situation is a NAIRN BYPASS CAMPAIGN that can be supported by the whole community - whatever the politics of the supporters.

It seems our MP has a crack team working on campaigns for bypasses (TLR - Inverness and now NAIRN). The car sticker idea is great!

Perhaps the good folk of Nairn could follow the example of the A82Campaigners and register an e-poll on the Scottish Government web site. That way we could get the message across to the Scottish Government that we welcome the Bypass and consider it essential that it is delivered prior to the dual carriageway sections where there will be no school children, senior residents, and other pedestrians and cyclists.