Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A dog's life

Cooler winds reminded me that winter has yet to pass and we can still expect snowfall for several months yet as well as gales this evening.
My thoughts went out today as I saw an old dog being coerced to walk towards the beach by its owner. The wind was fairly biting by then and I bet Fido would have been much happier in front of the fire.
Dog owners too are having a rough time on the streets as dog poo vigilantes watch their every move, and the council dog mannie is also on the poo trail seeking to make £40 which must be welcome income for Highland Council in these difficult times.
If we can just find a UK importer an American company has the
Owners can now sit and watch TV whilst their pets exercise, no need to go out the front door and I’m sure the dogs wouldn’t mind if their owners had the occasional shottie as well!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding your comments on dog fouling, if people won't pick up their dog poo what is the council to do?
Also, some of the revenue from the fines goes to fund things like prizes for schools getting involved environmental awards.