Thursday, February 05, 2009

Got £25,000 a year to spare?

Spurtle must be thinking about going into business?

Got £25,000 a year to spare? You could walk straight into this Nairn shop!
Add rates and water rates, totalling about £10,000 on top of that, plus getting your bins emptied, and getting the cardboard collected, and insurance etc.................................. You'd need to be making £1000 a week gross profit, just to pay the fixed costs of the business - let alone the costs of staffing the place, buying stock ..... and, if you prefer to operate in the ' big smoke', have a look at this page. I know it's a much bigger store than Nairn - but the rent is £210,000 a year - rates another £120,000 on top of that.
Spurtle needs to go for a lay down,I feel faint.
Thanks Spurtle that is quite an eye-opener .

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dr-grigor said...

the Doc has visions for this empty shop they came to me in a dream last night.... A venture something simular to Bumbles (near Brodie) a childrens soft play area, climbing frames etc,incorporating a food stop (thats where the profit is) childrens birthday party's, a drop of centre while you go shopping,rent some of the space out to local arts and crafts businesses (maybe the top floor could be taken over by the proposed singular comunity council) lets have a comunity buy out and source grants and funds to fulfill the docs visions !!