Monday, February 02, 2009

AyeRight has some wooly news

Perhaps AyeRight could once again get his woolies hit without having to leave his armchair?

It must have been immense optimism which prompted someone to post the hope of returning one day on the Woolies web site, but it seems the Barclay brothers may bring back the on-line store part of the operation
No news yet as to what staff will be offered their jobs back, nor what lines they will carry, but it seems as though it is a brand worth continuing.
And here was I just musing as to where I might get a new mop head for my ‘super mop pro’ as purchased in Woolies. A quick google and I found
a company that carries the mop and has an one of those naff advertising films that Woolies used to play. This one must have worked on me as I bought one! Other familiar products that Woolies used to stock are also on this site should you be feeling nostalgic and want a quick browse
As an aside, I wonder if the residents of Sark will be blocked from buying from the new Woolies site!

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Anonymous said...

I think they have just bought the name and it's a purely online offereing, so no jobs for ex-Woolies staff. The spokesperson (The Today Programme, Radio 4) also said it would be clothing and entertainment lines, no mops or washing up bowls.