Friday, February 20, 2009

The Doc's worldwide film project on track!

Doctor Grigor told the Gurn this morning:
The Train starts rolling today ! a member of our website ( in China is doing her filming tonight (Fri) On a train from Xi'an to Bejing, which is great news, other journeys are at this moment being planned, including one in India ! The Doc reckons his wee film project will be some months in the making as there will be lots of editing to be done once he receives his clips from all round the world.

One member in Australia has declared his interest, so Nairn to Australia via the world on a train,talking about film is definitely on track.

Our mentors Tilda and Marc are really excited about my wee project and cant wait to see the finished project.
Anyone that would like to help out the Doc with the nairn filming, please let me know, as we have at least 3 members in Nairn, who would like to do something for it.

The Doc would like to start the film with a little piece about nairn and our festival before boarding the train in nairn for his bit of the film ( the subject of which we have decided should be about a favourate film)

We also looking for a name for this short film, so all suggestions welcome!
Go Gàidhlig Doc, 'Gabhamaid sgrìob gu Inbhir Narann!' - Let's take a trip to Nairn!


dr-grigor said...

'Gabhamaid sgrìob gu Inbhir Narann!'

Might be a wee prob fitting that title on to the poster!

but remember the journey is from nairn around the world on a train, with the subject of your fav film

Anonymous said...

When you live in the "real world".Filming in Forres sounds more appropriate,dont you think.

Nairn said...

Has to be 'This is the age of train' Doc, I've even found a wee film to promote it :)