Thursday, February 05, 2009

Local weather - AyeRight observes the on-line reports

The weather is always a good topic for a gurn, or even just a passing remark ‘cold today’.
I always take a cursory glance at the weather on the BBC site, with Nairn as my default and then look out of the window, but today I also looked at the UK weather chart, Scotland – North.
I appreciate that the latter is covering a much larger area than just the one for Nairn, but the variation seems vast, which one should we believe if the Met Office can’t agree with itself?
The Shipping Forecast gives yet another view for our area (Cromarty Forth)
Northerly, becoming cyclonic for a time, 6 to gale 8, decreasing 5 at times. Moderate or rough. Wintry showers. Moderate, occasionally very poor.
A quick scan of the Atlantic pressure charts confirms the lows, but not many folk look at these.
The Highlands & Islands part of the BBC Scotland site has the Police telling us only to make essential journeys. Maybe the forecasts should just read ‘cold, some snow, stay in doors if you can’!

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