Sunday, February 01, 2009

Could you be the next Nairnshire blogging sensation

A trickle of rear guard comments coming in now from anti-Sainsbury’s folk, you’ll get them on this previous article. The Gurnmeister reckons it would be splendid if the minority view point that is the anti Sainsbury brigade (sorry should that be platoon?) had their own blog. A sort of digital standard where they could cluster around the flag and gurn, gurn, gurn. It could be called ‘Sainsbury’s R not us’ or ‘no jobs here please’or any thing else the dissenters would like. It would be very democratic wouldn’t it fellow cyber-citizens? It may be also that there are others out their who are by now experts in other planning matters that would like to see more debate on issues that involve them. Perhaps you feel that the River Community Council is in league with the forces of darkness to swamp the town with high-rise skyscrapers. Perhaps you are one of the many fans of Highland Council Convenor Sandy Park and wish to tell the world how much you admire him? Perhaps you could talk all day about swans? Whatever it is, the world could be waiting for your talent to appear!
As said previously the Gurn has only a limited time to check sources, research etc and it is right that we shouldn’t have a digital monopoly on Nairnshire goings-on. We don’t actually there is myNairn and occasionally Bill puts a parochial hat on but his run of the mill stuff is sometimes well worth a browse, today for example one can debate: ' The 'headless chicken' has a mind-dump in Davos 'So the Gurnmeister is encouraging you to start up your own blogs, thus adding to debate and democracy in this area and wherever someone looks at the pixels that make up the Nairn blogosphere output. It is really easy to set up a blog, Blogspot is the service the Gurn uses and writing a post is a bit like composing an e-mail in an interface like hotmail perhaps. There’s room for trial and error and you can remove, change etc your posts and your layout. You can get started here. It isn’t rocket science and you could be the next Nairnshire blogging sensation. Let us know if you start up a blog and the Gurn will link to you.

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Bill said...

As you say, Graisg, setting up a blog on a platform such as Blogger is really easy - after all, I managed it, so anyone can!

- Visit, sign up for a profile if don't already have one, and take it from there by clicking on 'Create a Blog' and away you go.

(word verification, curiously enough is 'humph')