Sunday, February 01, 2009

Heritage bike parks on the High Street


Anonymous said...

Fish and chips Alan? with a nice selection of veg on the side.

Aye good on ye both - hope your havin a good retirement!

like masel - Nairn born loons!


dr-grigor said...

there was word of taking the provosts lamps down from Watsons shop and placing them in the museum, which is a great idea but what about putting one in the museum and giving one to Ronnie as a memento? (lets hope the council get them down quick or the new owner might take possesion of them as fixtures and fittings !)

dr-grigor said...

well the doc can happily state, that infact the provost's lamps are indeed now no longer above watsons shop, not sure when they were taken down,ut still think it would be a good idea for Ronnie to have one !