Wednesday, January 28, 2009

33 on allotment waiting list but hope on the horizon for potential plot-holders

Nairn Allotment Society's waiting list now stands at 33 but plans to bring back allotments to the Mill Road site are now well advanced and an application for funding is in. If all goes well those higher up the list will be offered a plot in the spring or in the event of a delay the autumn. A much smaller site that may offer the opportunity to take two others of the list has become available too. If you wish to be placed on the Society's waiting list contact the Chairman (and indefatiguable environment campaigner Dick Youngson), alternatively e-mail your details to the Gurn and we will forward them to the Society. Contact the society too if you have a plot of land, no matter how big or small, that you would be willing to allow others to use.


dr-grigor said...

I am sure there is a lot of folk in town with a garden that would be ideal for veg growing but they are not what we could call "green fingered" I for one if i had a garden(or indeed a house ! )would consider letting someone in to grow veg, amd in return for using my garden maybe i could get a share of the veg and therefore in the long run my garden is being put to good use and i save on my summer veg bill !!

Anonymous said...

we have a plot and so glad to hear that there is an ever growing inerest in allotment gardening in nairn.I now read in magazines that doctors are prescribing allotment gardening and i can understand why !!!!.