Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crime clean-up rate 71.1%

The Northern Constabulary sends an officer to all the Community Council meetings if operating conditions permit and last night Constable Paul Johnstone introduced himself to the public meeting organised by Nairn Suburban Com C. He gave a report on local campaigns and some issues the police are dealing with and told the meeting that the local crime clean-up rate was 71.1%. Constable Johnstone explained that this was the highest in the force area and well above other forces in the country, he went on to say that they were aiming to improve on that but they couldn't have achieved the 71.1%without the help of the community.
Evidence, if any were needed, that we do indeed live in a community fellow Gurnites. We have to be vigilant in the years to come, look how the Highland Council is centralising its affairs in Inverness and the danger is that this process, plus the council's planning policy could go some way to destroying the community spirit in our town. Could one be justified in labelling Highland Council 'an enemy of community'?
It is with this in mind that the Gurn was so delighted to see the public and the Suburban councillors support the proposal for a single community council for the town. More in the post below.

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