Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mystic Sandy‏

AyeRight reviews one of the Convenor's past predictions
'Sandy’s crystal ball wasne working too well that day - maybe need to remind someone of their political predictions?
Community centre can trigger regeneration of Nairn town centre, says Provost (22/06/06)
Provost Sandy Park said: “I am confident that a start to this eagerly awaited project will be the catalyst to a wide range of property developments and environmental improvements to our town. The centre will be a state of the art building which will be the hub of the community. It will be a terrific resource for local people and the many tourists who visit our seaside resort every year.”
More here.'
But love this bit AyeRight:
' The Court House will remain the main public caller office in Nairn but Barron House will also be a significant base for a range of services provided by the Council, including the Planning Service.'

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he would excel at lottery predictions?