Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks to 'fear-naidheachd' for keeping an eye on the Courier

The Gurn likes to think that it keeps up to date with the ways of the world, and has the odd gurn for anything we find that we think is not quite right.
Imagine our amazement to find that on the main web page of that mighty organ ‘The Inverness Courier’ they
had published a link to their Christmas TV supplement.
As there are only 329 shopping day’s left till Christmas we had thought that this was just advanced publishing, but no, this is the Christmas 2008 supplement. Handy we suppose if you wanted to check what you had missed, or couldn’t remember what you’d watched!
We have to ask is the Inverness Courier going the way of the infamous Nairn Scotland website?

Tapadh leat Fhir Naidheachd, nach intinneach sin. Another rescue mission for the time-lord?


Bill said...

Keeping websites up to date is notoriously difficult and in my experience relatively few people do it well consistently, usually those for whom it is a vital component of their revenue streams, rather than just a 'nice to have' thing - a wee letter/email to the paper might get to the person who looks after the site, unless you know that anyone from the paper reads your blog; I do happen to know someone who works there as a journalist and he has a decent blog which perhaps you are aware of already:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a ploy on the part of advertisers to get us to think it is Christmas again and spend lots of money

Bill said...

I've now sent an email to 'The Courier'; let's see what happens.

Graisg said...

@Fred: Sorry couldn't confirm that Link, The Gurn likes to check all info if possible. It helps if posters put in links to confirm material.
@everyone: The Gurn can only be as good as the material submitted so please let us know where we can confirm the material (on-line or in a dead tree sheet somewhere etc). Please bear in mind too that the Gurn volunteers only have limited time and won't be able to follow everything up.