Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did Liz slip on frozen pavements issue?

Rush out and treat yourself to the weekly slice(s) of dead tree (aka Nairnshire Telegraph) and read all about a heated debate between Provost Liz and Cllr Graham Marsden. There was a wee rammy between them over the New Year lack of gritting - pics previously seen on the Gurn. Interesting reading. As the geordie mannie says on Big Brother, 'You decide!'.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn’t at the meeting but the take that the Nairnshire seems to put on it is that Liz was unaware of all the icy pavement issues, and that council resources were at their limit, the inference being they were unable to cope?
I would hope that we did have sufficient council staff to provide 24/7 cover 365 days a year, but if we really have stretched resources so that this cannot be provided, perhaps an official statement can be made and we’ll all stay indoors for the winter.
Once again the Gurn seems the place for the news!