Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back on the fast track

The recent traffic light problems seem to have been sorted and traffic flows through Nairn without the long delays.


Anonymous said...

I don't have one, but wondered if sat nav users are warned of the impending hold ups and offered alternative routes by their devices?

Bill said...

I believe that this is a service some SatNav devices offer (including the one I have - it's a TomTom 720, since superseded by the 730 I think), but I think you have to pay a monthly fee and link your device thru your mobile phone by Bluetooth to take advantage of traffic warnings; I've never bothered and in our part of the country there are relatively few practical alternative routes to follow and relatively few major recurring blockages; maybe if I lived anywhere it was necessary to use the M6/M5/M1/M25 at all regularly I'd think very differently. Of course, most modern car radios using FM get traffic warnings, particularly in high population-density parts of the country (in my experience once one is south of Perth it starts to kick in, usually at the most interesting part of the programme or CD one happens to be listening to - I often find it irritating, more than helpful).

Anonymous said...

I must point out, and wonder if the Gurn could Manage to get a pic, But since the traffic "Issue" was "Resolved" has anyone noticed that the Green Light, which is supposed to be telling traffic to go when coming up Lochloy Road, has managed to swing round and now seems to be pointing at people at the shop and letting them know that they can come out.

1 more thing i must point out. When cycling on the pavement up lochloy road towards the traffic lights (I would never do this!!) Cycles seem to activate the lights. Now surely this should not happen. Can you imagine a quick footed Mum coming up the pavement pushing her pram and forcing the lights to change? Worse still imagine the Kiddies club day out all coming up lochloy road and doing that?