Monday, January 19, 2009

Keeping MPs expenses secret, how will Danny Alexander vote?

Hi fellow Gurnites, I've just noticed a facebook group set up to alert folk about the vote on Thursday concerning MP's expenses. The group's webpage informs us:

'On the 16th of May 2008 the High Court ruled that MPs’ expenses must be published under the Freedom of Information Act.This Thursday, MPs are voting to change the law to keep their expenses secret after all, just before publication was due and after spending nearly a million of your pounds and seven months compiling the data.'

We can do something about it however:

'Please write to your MP about this through - ask them to lobby against this concealment, and tell them that will be permanently and prominently noting those MPs who took the opportunity to fight against this regressive move. The millions of constituents who will check this site before the next election will doutbtless be interested.'

So the Gurnmeister has written to the local MP, let's see how he votes later this week. If you have a few moments why not send him an e-mail yourself through

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