Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A surprise coming to the Brae?

It was a shame to see the interior fittings of Ronnie Watson's being taken away this morning. The Gurn understands, however, that a new business will be moving in in the near future. The Gurn has been told that this business will be a surprise. Our usual unreliable sources have failed us so far and we've no idea what the surprise will be. Whatever transpires, good luck to whoever moves into Ronnie's shop, after the setback of Woolies closing the High Street badly needs a few new ventures.


Anonymous said...

ooh, maybe the shop will become a Dr Who like Tardis and become the new Sainsbury's supermarket, there again as has been reported there is one job vacancy in Nairn so maybe it is to be the new job centre?
With the success of the Gurn on Sundays current poll it could be a new takeaway, or a box office for this years Cinema of Dreams
Lets face it, just about anything new would be welcome on Nairn's High Street!

Bill said...

Good news indeed - let's hope whoever it is can make it work.

By the way, I think I noticed today that the clothing shop (young men's) recently opened where there used to be an antique shop, opposite the 'Indian' where there used to be a tea-shop, seems to have gone out of business; it looked empty this morning an the display stands were still there, but seemingly denuded of stock. It's a pity, because the clothing shop seemed to have opened only recently after quite a decent re-fit, which probably cost a fair amount of money, but I suppose the young market it is aimed at is as prudent about spending as everyone else at present.

dr-grigor said...

i have it on good authority that infact "revive" the beauty salon across the road have got it !!!

Anonymous said...

We're all going to look sooo beautiful soon, or will Revive be selling exotic fruit from the shop?

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Bill is right about 'Pulse', the clothing shop.

Nothing but a CD player and shop fittings on display now.

Spurtle had also been led to believe that Revive were opening in the old fruit shop. Meanwhile, the hairdressers next to the butchers in Leopold Street is closing, and Stephen Seedhouse flowers are moving in.

Anonymous said...

Crivens, where am I going to get ma clobber from now that the young mens shop has closed?