Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yet another excuse on the Aberdeen express

The Gurnmeister took a wee trip to Aberdeen yesterday on the new 0730 service and all was well as the ancient but refurbished diesel multiple unit headed through the stunning Aberdeenshire scenery, until Dyce that is. By now there were quite a few offshore workers with their characteristic bags in company colours who had intended to get off at Dyce. The train stopped and then quickly moved off again without giving passengers a chance to get off. 'We apologise to passengers who had intended to alight at Dyce but unfortunately the doors would not open,' was the official excuse. Thank goodness the doors decided to work at Aberdeen. The Gurnmeister had visions of station staff trying to let us out with sledgehammers or fireman arriving with cutting gear.
The 'Bears' were not happy and many of them had no intention of waiting for the next train out from Aberdeen to Dyce, they headed off in search of someone in authority to demand taxis.
Let's hope an engineer inspects those doors soon.

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