Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iain Fairweather does their job for them! A document you must read: Nairn in 2020, Brigadoon or a Jewel in the Scottish Crown?

Indeed dear Gurnites you must read this (document in PDF format) and e-mail it on to your friends in the Gurnosphere.

The Gurn has reckoned for some time that a groundswell is building against the Highland Council in Nairn. Tonight that discomfort that the population feels with our elected body surfaced at the meeting of the Nairn Partnership in the Courthourse when Iain Fairweather made a presentation in response to criticism/invitation of Highland Council Convener Sandy Park.
Iain’s statement was unusual in its delivery and style and threw the elected members and the officials, as he proceeded, their faces dropped (Graham Marsden's features were not visible from the Gurn's vantage point however). At the end of his presentation Iain received applause from the public benches and the ‘civilian’ elements of the partnership. He was criticised for purveying ‘doom and gloom’ by Provost Liz and the official William Gillfinnan who did his best to try and reclaim the mystique and authority of local government. It didn’t work however, as Iain received backing from Sheena Baker and members of the public to further applause. It was quite a night, the Gurnmeister believes things will never be the same again at meetings of the Nairn partnership.
Now this event will no doubt be covered in the pages of next week's Nairnshire Telegraph and the Gurn urges you to go out and buy that publication next week for the minutiae, the Gurn has a recording but doesn't have the time to transcribe proceedings, sorry we wish we could but there are limits to our free service. We urge you however
to read Iain Fairweather’s document and whether you agree with all, part or none of it, to engage in the debate and reclaim Nairn’s future from those that try and tell us what is good for us!
The question raised previously by Iain Fairweather is still very appropriate: Can we have our town back please? We'll only get it back if we get involved and mobilise our community, Nairnshire has the talent and ablilty to punch above its own weight in this world and preserve its identity regardless of what the Inverness based mandarins wish for us. It is up to each one of us now, let's support Iain and other campaigners in their efforts to have our collective voice heard. We can no longer afford to leave our destiny solely in the hands of the Highland Council.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say well done to Iain and everyone involved with this movement.

Hopefully at least some of those in 'power' in the town may sit up and start taking notice.

For reasons more of apathy than any other we find the town in a malaise. Planning applications passed that no one wants, loss of facilities, and no coordinated policy for, more or less,anything.

Perhaps, in 2020, we may look back on this and see it as the first step in helping us pull the town out of the doo-doo. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Iain( for the fantastic presentation) and the Gurn ( for the means to promote it)
Lets hope the powers that be sit up, take notice and begin their job)

Nairn said...

Maybe Nairn was heading to be the Brigadoon (Rather than Brighton) of the north, but reading the report of last nights meeting I would imagine there are a few councillors who would like to leave and break the spell (Maybe then changes could happen?).
I would like to say well done to Iain Fairweather for presenting his piece to the public, and for the very open support of those attending the meeting.
I am sure there are many Nairnites who would like their town back (Please) and maybe now the process might start. At least we have a document with which we can start with

Anonymous said...

Excellent - glad to hear it went well, and perhaps time for the "elected representatives" for Nairn to realise that if they don't represent the public's wishes, we'll need to find ones who will. :)

Sincere apologies as well for not being able to turn up, but please, Gurn, keep us updated on upcoming meetings. :)

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Anyone fancy a NIP?

Nairn Independce Party?

Anonymous said...

Iain has done a great job and it is great to see that he has support for his initiative. However, it is about time that we stopped being anonymous because that is precisely how the administration of the Nairn Community has gone by default. Have you bothered to email your objections and/or support for whatever to your local Councillor. Letting your Councillor know that unless he goes with the community's view on matters of importance to Nairn you will not vote for him next time.

I prefer to sign as myself. Thank you John Hart