Thursday, January 15, 2009

More River Community Council matters:

Good evening Gurnites, I’m sorry the Gurn isn’t quite up to providing a Nairnshire Telegraph service of who said what etc, but I hope we can give you a flavour of what’s going on. A severe warnings too that the Gurn is capable of putting its own silly, satirical or serious spin on anything said or done. We do try our best and refer to the tape made on occasion. It’s just that the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams forum is far too compelling at the moment. If that were not the case then perhaps we might try and be a bit more professional. So here’s a few notes from the meeting in the Laing Hall on Tuesday night anyway, but no money back, no guarantee folks.

‘A segull fan’ who spends a lot of time feeding large quantities of bread , to his favourite birds around the harbour and lower river area has worried a few of the councillors, they are worried that his behaviour may be encouraging vermin. Down at the harbour the rats it seems are at last getting some of the required medicine, Bill Murdoch told the meeting that he recently saw someone putting down poison in the harbour area. There is a school of thought, supported by the Provost it seems, that the recent removal of the pontoons displaced some rats. Liz added that efforts were being made down there to deal with the vermin problem and the Sailing Club were involved as the situation in the club’s compound was ‘really bad’.

There was a discussion about the lamentable situation with the coming closure of the Nairn Planning Office and it was stated that Graham Marsden was the only Lib Dem councillor on Highland Council to have voted to retain the Planning Office in Nairn. One to remember dear Gurnites when Danny Alexander comes calling for his vote next time round! Provost Liz fears that the Building Control Officer’s position could be the next post to vanish from Nairn. Somebody mentioned that they thought Highland Council had more power than the Scottish Government. Corsee it seems might be sold off when the social work and health departments move out. Another resource to be lost to Nairn as the building will be sold off and the money will vanish into the Highland Council black hole.

The Com C had received a letter from Rhoda Grant MSP canvassing support against a proposal to sell off 25%of forestry commission land for a period of 75 years. Provost Liz said that she was annoyed with the Scottish Government over this (Liz being SNP too, oh dear) and urged the meeting to support Rhoda Grant which they agreed to do.

A member of the public gave a very articulate description of how he saw the dangers of Nairn getting what others saw fit for the community instead of the real views of the population being reflected in the new Local Plan. The speaker expressed how it was better now for the people of Nairn to become pro-active in fighting their corner. The Gurnmeister hopes this gentleman turns up again, he certainly knew his stuff.

There was a discussion over the lamentable lack of gritting in the town over the New Year period especially the town centre pavements and Graham Marsden told how he was still waiting for a report on what went wrong. The meeting heard of injuries to members of the public who slipped on ice in various locations. Liz supported the council’s workforce but others stressed they were not criticising the workers just those in charge of them who decide the priorities.

Murd was congratulated on his work in pressing for ramps to enable disabled access the Firhall Bridge, thus enabling a round trip of the river side walk for those who have to use wheelchairs, motorised buggies etc, It seems various authorities are examining ways of making Murd’s vision a reality. Let’s hope it comes to pass, if any readers here have the ear of the decision makers then let them know of your support for this project that for a minimal cost could make such a lot of difference for a lot of people. ‘A brilliant idea that desperately needs done,’ said Cllr Marsden.

Liz again with bad news, the cost for the lunch clubs is going up from £2.80 to £4.50 and there is a proposal to charge families for child respite care in the Council’s Orchard residential facility. It was stressed that some families would suffer as they may be too proud to make a means-tested application.

The next meeting will be on Feb 10th at 7.30 in the Laing Hall.

Regular readers will also note another very important item that we’ve already reported. There are a
few bits that haven’t been mentioned but for a more accurate, detailed, professional and competent version of events put aside 40p for the next edition of local weekly dead-tree journal. The Gurnmeister has a feeling that you won’t be disappointed.
And now a serious moment, please remember that the community watchdogs on the River Community Council (and the Suburban, Auldearn, Cawdor and Nairshire West councils) all the give their time and effort for free. The Gurnmeister says three cheers for these volunteers who give up their time to fight our corner. Well done to all of Nairnshire's community councillors!

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