Friday, January 16, 2009

The Gurn offers readers the chance to download a free mp3

The current Gurn on Sunday tells us one clear fact, Gurnites love their chips with over 50% of votes being shared by two Nairn Fish & Chip establishments. The Gurn staff have a favourite but we’re not disclosing which one it is (We don't want to be accused of getting any perks!)
To celebrate National Chip Week which is with us soon, the Gurn suggests you
visit their website.
It is from here that you can download your free, yes free mp3.
We appreciate that you may not want to but don’t say we don’t give you anything at the Gurn. There are plenty of games to play on the site as well, we think all chip lovers will be impressed and will bookmark the URL for future visits.
Note: You will have to
visit the site but a little known fact is that AyeRight in the dim and distant past once shared a flat with the celebrity featured on this site - wey hey
So there we have it a free mp3 and celebrity news - all in todays Gurn


dr-grigor said...

maybe the fact that ayewrite shared a flat with the said celebrity could of tipped the celebrity over the edge to his much publicised problem !

Anonymous said...

Press statement
AyeRight's period of abode sharing was at a time when said celebrity was involved with a well known Saturday morning children's program. At that time, said celebrity was clean as the driven snow, and would only bevy on orange juice.
AyeRight was saddened to find out in later years the demise of said celebrity. Maybe orange juice is not as safe as we think?

Anonymous said...

"Wake up you beggars, it's Cheggers

Anonymous said...

Homecoming Scotland could book him