Thursday, January 22, 2009

AyeRight misses out on a prize holiday to Nairn

The dating site 'The List' advertised a prize of a holiday to Nairn, but a few hours later the prize is changed with Fort William as the venue.
Did they visit
NairnScotland, or did someone tip them the wink that Nairn is not a 'fascinating coastal town' as they had thought?


Anonymous said...

It's back to Nairn, though I can't say I recognise the river featured in the advert.

Anonymous said... - showing Nairn as the destination again now! Unfortunately I can't get through to the entry page so I'll just have to stay with my parents next time I visit.

Anonymous said...

Fort William or Nairn?

Neither seem to let you enter the competition.

Maybe they are looking for a third venue?