Friday, January 23, 2009

State funding for newspapers?

AyeRight debates the issue:
Should local newspapers receive state funding so they can carry on reporting about well... state funding?
The government charges along like a happy father throwing coins at a wedding scramble to any bank that is a bit short of a bit of cash, but are we now to see other institutions about to benefit as well?
The thought of the press being owned, or even part owned by government is not one I would relish. Content will surely be subject to control, or at least have a government slant?

There are those who question our money being used to save all the banks, citing that the banks have just banked most of the money, and that share holders have been saved. Meanwhile many customers are not seeing any benefit of the bail out.
Nationalisation is not a process I would have expected to see happening under this New Labour government, or any other for that matter.
Will we start to see sectors of private industry brought back into state
control - Rail Track springs to mind, but at this rate it could be the Nairnshire as well!

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