Thursday, January 22, 2009

The AyeRight vision document for Nairn. Could it already be a done deal?

Worrying pictures have been forwarded to the Gurn. Could it be that all the town's phone boxes are already being relocated to the car park of the proposed Little Chef on the Links section of the A96 'Bankie' motorway?

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Anonymous said...

no.... infact the phone boxes have been bought by the new permanent circus that will be based on the links and will be used in there magic act ! i hear some of the acts booked will be...
"Doc Grigor and his performing seagulls"(no ducks will be harmed in this act)

"The Tribal misfit's on ice "( a local belly dancing troupe)

"the amazing sandyparko" (a man who can predict the future)


"the tribal misfit's on water"
"the tribal misfit's on fire"


our cast will parade round the ring led by the ever popular "tribal misfit's"

Patrons are reminded that when leaving the circus tent to beware of oncoming traffic on the very busy road outside (a miniature railway runs from the sundowner to our venue every 15 mins)

we would like to take this oppertunity to thank a few of our sponsers

"the tribal misfit's"

"spcd" (society for prevention of cruelty to ducks"

"little chef"(check out our new menu)