Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Developer looking for dispensation

All kinds of planning discussion have appeared in the Gurn in recent days. A new development is asking for special dispensation not to have to provide any social housing on the grounds that the development is for the over 60’s.
I’m not sure as to why anyone should believe that there are no folk over 60 who would like social housing, but is this yet another developer who is going to slip under the planning rules? (And make more money!)


Anonymous said...

"Special Dispensation" whats that another way to set a prescedent?

I say meet the planning restrictions or tough get out of town, this development is nothing more than a private development - therefore it is a buisness set on making maximum profit from those who can afford it.

Affordable homes just dont tick the max profit box whose residents are unlikely to be able to afford to pay for private home care facilities that will no doubt carry a hefty fee.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually sympathetic to the developer's concerns - "affordable housing" is traditionally targeted at younger couples who are otherwise unable to get on the property ladder.

What we have with this development is essentially a care home set up as a private residential development, and I can't see why not being subject to artificial A96 corridor planning rules not targeted at such a development should therefore be levied at it.

Just my 2c. :)

- Brian