Monday, January 19, 2009

To AyeRight vinegar was just something you put on your chips

'Shelves in even our local stores are awash with chemical items to make our sinks brighter, our whites whiter, and our wallets lighter, along with a host of other cleaning promises.
Living in Nairn, most of us are only too aware of where the waste that we pour or flush down the drain goes to, and from there out into the Firth from the sewer pipe on our East beach. There is a slight filtering/cleaning process that goes on in between, but I often wonder looking at the rows of cleaning items on shop shelves how much of this is pumped into the sea?
Here is a site that I’m almost scared to mention without letting shops know in advance. I have visions of a Delia like run on a product which will see the shelves devoid of the product for months. I can only suggest that you form an orderly queue and limit yourselves to one bottle per customer. Once you try it your chips will never get a look in, but our Firth might well be a cleaner place!'

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