Thursday, January 15, 2009

AyeRight wants 4% more for writing this

'If you are currently in work how do you fancy asking for a 4% rise? Your company may be struggling to stay afloat but you have worked hard and deserve an increase in your pay packet - no?
I suspect that most folk in work are grateful to have a job in the present economic climate, and thoughts of more wages are not really a reality this year, nor something they would even dare to ask for.
But in these difficult financial times Highland Council has decided to increase rents on it’s properties by 4%. I appreciate it needs the money, but surely it could have deferred this increase at least for a few months, or maybe councilors just don’t live in the real world and are busy looking at
the green shoots of recovery?'
Maybe folk simply won't or can't pay AyeRight? Looking at a Courier article from last year:
'Councillor Jim Crawford, who represents Inverness South where six of the 45 council tenants are in arrears, believed that while enforcement policies could be stengthened, the authority was in a difficult position.
'"If people are going into arrears what can we do?" he asked. "We cannot put them out on the streets."

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