Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AyeRight laments his loss of silence

AyeRight chills?

'Zen like I’m listening to John Cages 4’ 33” when what sounds like the thunder of horse hooves on the new bray canter through my speakers. Resigned that this is part of the experience of listening to this particular piece of music, I make a mental note to do something about the culprit - my mobile phone.
Normally it sits in a small cradle near my computer, but whenever I have the Hi Fi on it seems to decide to add a cacophony of noise to what ever I am listening to. Not just hooves, but crackles and pops, small trills, and then there is the ring tone itself for a call, txt, or email. I should just switch it off, but then I would miss that all important call (At least that is what I tell myself).
The solution I discovered is quite simple. The wires to my speakers are acting as transmitters whenever my phone picks up a signal. All that is needed is a couple of ferrite rings available from the likes of Maplin for a couple of pounds. These you will often see buried in the end of more expensive USB leads, there for the same reason to stop interference.
So now I listen to music in perfect silence (Except Mr Cage proved there was no such thing) but find myself checking my phone to see if it switched on because I’m missing all those hooves, crackles and pops, and small trills - you can’t win.'

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