Thursday, January 15, 2009

Message from Tilda and Mark (via facebook)

Matt Lloyd posts the following on facebook:
'"Last Night I Dreamt I Was At The Ballerina Again…”
Dear Nairners, and friends old and new, in Nairn, Scotland, the UK, Germany, Canada, America, Finland, Australia, Japan, and intergalactic visitors to the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams! One of the things we’ve missed most, since those mad, fun, unexpected 8 1/2 days after which we scattered to our hearths in Nairn and the four corners of the world, is the chance to parlay and chinwag about movies in that dark wee Cinema of Dreams. We liked the Nairn Natter. We liked the way kids talked to grown ups about movies; the banter about how weird and wonderful Dames was; the collective greet we had at The Boot and Peter Ibbetson; the conversational shougles and spraffs. Then we had an idea called “Last Night I Dreamt I Was At The Ballerina Again…” It goes like this. Every month or so we will pick one movie on TV that is in the spirit of the Ballerina movies – dreamlike or fun or challenging or childlike. Something weird, rare, unexpected. We’ll post its name on the Ballerina website. If there are a few movies we like, we will pick the main one plus recommend some others. We will assume that people have the main UK TV channels plus freeview (at £50, the cheapest one-off access to digital). Then those of us who are into it - kids and adults, in groups, families or alone, in their jammies, eating fairy cakes or chips - can watch the movie. Then, as fancy takes us, we jump online and pour out our reactions to it as entertainment, as art, as ideas, as inspiration or warning, as adventure or window on the world. And, crucially, we’ll have a heated debate about which song we should have played in the dark, with the spotlight roaming, before the movie began! We know this excludes people who don’t have TVs – so sorry. And our pals abroad may not get these TV channels but how fab would it be if you – our intergalactic buds - could rent the DVD, watch it and then join us? All we need you to do is to go to the website at
or whichever you prefer, they both end up in the same place, and sign up to the forum. Add a pic and a bit about yourself if you like. And when we get enough people signed up we'll get started! And if you're wondering about the next festival... fret not, you'll be the first to know as soon as we have any news.
Love from Mark and Tilda xxx'

Splendid news, what do you think Gurnites?


Anonymous said...

I've no TV but do have a deck chair and the ability to make cakes - halfway there!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, this forum!(cinema of dreams ) One of the many things I enjoyed at the Ballerina was the warm sense of community there, that sometimes can happen when a group of people gather together to enjoy something they all care for passionatelty. Anyways it's good to gather here aswell on the net, as a sort of community!

I'm a big movie enthusiast from Finland. "The one with the striped shirt on and the Rosemary's baby's hair" as said on the festival. I like to watch (and read and talk and write about) films that have something to say, that concentrate on people, that are surreal, playful, thoughtful, bold, that open up new thoughts and views, and films that are just plain darn entertaining. I also tend to get interested in anything that says 'world cinema' or 'bizarre' or 'struggling young female director' etc. :-)

So, good to be here among the Dreamers!

dr-grigor said...

spotted in localish paper

BEKO PORTABLE TV, 14", colour, with remote, 11 months old, £20. Tel. 01463 ****** (Inverness).

FREEVIEW DIGIBOX, and wooden tv stand, with shelves, £20 for both. Tel. 01463 ******

Now there for £40 ayewrite a lifetime of fun joining us in our cinema of dreams wey hey!

Nairn said...


What can I say? My new status seems to mean I now have my very own personal shopper :)
Keep posting the deals, you never know one day I might crack and buy a TV - meanwhile I'll keep sipping the orange juice and feeding the ducks.
Wey hey indeed!

Anonymous said...

KEITH CHEGWIN Signed Photo Card PRESENTER 2 Bids £2.40 +£1.70 10h 12m

Nairn said...

Back to the original post...

Should we not be Nairnites rather than Nairners?