Monday, January 19, 2009

Could it happen here? A £50 penalty for feeding the gulls?

The Doc tells the Gurn of news of a new initiative down south:
'Holidaymakers and residents in Burnham-On-Sea who feed seagulls or pigeons could face fines of up to £50 from next spring.'
Could a few crumbs get you in the same do-da as a doggie jobbie? i.e. with a wallet £50 lighter. How will the authorities distinguish between duck and swan lovers and fans of other birds?

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Anonymous said...

It would just take your dug to drop something, you to also drop something (A hidden bag of breadcrumbs?), one swooping gull, and you would need to find £100. Jump in your car start the engine (It's cold), phone your bank to see if they have sufficient funds to pay your fines, and you are another £60 out of pocket for using a mobile in a vehicle.
My bank would probably need another government loan to meet these fines