Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sandown more news

Below you will see a report on last night's community council meeting. Brian over at MyNairn has been commenting on the subject too. He refers to an article in the P&J. Here is one important bit.

'Deveron Highland will glean the response of community councillors and local business leaders at a 7pm presentation at the town’s Newton Hotel next Thursday. '

Don't members of the public have a right to be there too? Why are local business leaders any more important than the rest of us that will have to live with the consequences of this development? Bear in mind that local business folk don't always reflect the views of the population. Take the objection to the Sainsbury's proposal for instance.


Anonymous said...

Interesting - I'd actually presumed that it was an open discussion, and not a private function.

Sounds too much like a sales party, where the company sells itself to decision makers through an entertainment function.

All the more reason to ensure that councillors are very much made aware of objections.

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Also, who are these "business leaders"? I don't seem to have been invited. :)

- Brian

Graisg said...

From attending the Suburban meeting last night I got the impression, perhaps wrongly, that it was for elected representitives (at all levels) only.
I think the Gurnmeister will try and attend in the capacity of 'local blogger'.
Keep trying Brian, who knows maybe one day :-)

Anonymous said...

Everyone is equally important( or unimportant if you prefer) in matters such as these. Local businesses , members of the general public etc.......

The Business Association, by nature of it's existence is often consulted as to the the opinion of businesses in the town, just as the Community Councils are consulted as to the opinions of the people they represent.

I suppose if you want to make sure your voice is being heard as a business person, join the Business Association, and , if you feel strongly enough as a an individual. make sure you put yourself up for a place on your Community Council, next time the elections are held.