Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sun supporting Nairn as a holiday destination

AyeRight has been reading the Sun

The Sun newspaper is supporting Nairn as a holiday destination
With vouchers from The Sun an adult can stay at Nairn Lochloy Holiday Park (The caravan park to all Nairnites)
for as little as £9.50 for four nights:
‘If I didn’t live here myself I would be off’ says AyeRight
Amidst all the doom and gloom good to see a bargain that families will enjoy, although maybe someone should tell them about Woolies.
Never mind Homecoming Scotland, this will generate pounds for the local economy.
Parkdean gets some really positive reviews
from customers as well.

Great to see that Parkdean are marketing well for 2009, they are an underestimated jewel in the Nairn tourism economy. The Gurn was told by an insider last year that almost 30,000 people per year pass through the Holiday Park.

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Anonymous said...

We book with Parkdean Holiday every year and have been Nairn twoce, it's lovely!

And I see that Parkdean have changed their website, look at Nairns page