Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The A9 must surely be a lot quieter now

The Gurnmeister noticed last week how busy the goods yard was at Inverness railway station with lots of Stobart containers being lifted on and off trains. It seems Tesco are sending all their goods up north on the tracks now. The thought of being able to go down the A9 without being stuck behind convoys of Tesco trucks doing 45mph is almost tempting. Anyone drove down recently? Any improvement in jouney time?


Anonymous said...

Is Spurtle's memory playing tricks on him, or does he recall Safeway doing the same, some ten or eleven years ago.

The used the goods yard that backs onto Burnett Road, near where one of the new police station was built, beside the bakery.

They even went so far to ship goods by rail to the far north for distribution to the stores in Thurso, Wick and Kirkwall.

At the time all of this was done with a chunk of public money of course. What's that you're saying? The Tesco project has cost nearly another million.

Spurtle applauds getting freight of the road. It's just a shame they have to keeping throwing public money at the same schemes, repeatedly.

Not only are the supermarkets taking over, we , apparently , are paying them to do so.

Nairn said...

I would agree with you Spurtle but you'll be off to sleep again :)

I think the Safeway trains were about six or seven years ago, I remember seeing a large number of them flocking in a siding near Spittal

With all these lorries off the roads will there be any need for A9 improvements?

Anonymous said...

Actually ... I was on the A9 twice at the weekend. For a good old stretch of it. And not one infernal Tesco lorry was I stuck behind! Not one infernal Tesco lorry did I even SEE!

Happy days.