Friday, January 16, 2009

Why didn't Ayeright think of that?

Our correspondent AyeRight regrets his lack of ideas?
Over the years I have acquired a number of freebies on the back of marketing but in recent times this kind of promotion seems to have fallen in popularity. I still have a tour jacket, a metal suitcase, badge holder, pens, T-shirts, post it type notes, mugs, and a prized cut glass whisky tumbler. None of which I would have bought but gladly accepted it as free as advertising, did it lead me to purchase anything - I don’t think so.
With the growth of the Internet I travel less. Once upon a time I might have attended an exhibition or travelled to a shop to look at something but now I surf the web, so the likelihood of me be offered a freebie has also lessened.
Adverts on the web tend to be small, cleverly worded with the hope that they will catch your eye and you will click on them. Advertising and marketing has changed radically in the past ten years
The Internet has been the inspiration for many entrepreneurs. Some have made their packet and retired, whilst others soldier on rolling in what is generally the currency of the Internet... US dollars, and here is a simple (Aren’t they all) but new advertising idea.
Jason Sadler has changed the notion of a shirt as an advertisement. He is selling corporate American companies the chance to sponsor him this year for a day at a time. They will get photos and a mention in his blog and at the end of the year he will earn over $66,000.
Not a bad income from just the shirt on your back? Why didn’t I think of that?!

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