Friday, January 16, 2009

Important Gaelic news: Total Immersion Plus method coming to Nairn - TIP a’ tighinn gu Inbhir Narann

30/31 Jan – Nairn Community Centre/ Ionad Coimhearsnachd Inbhir Narann

Friday 30th two sessions 1-5pm & 7-9pm
Saturday 31th 9am to 5pm

All levels welcome from complete beginner to fluent speakers.
Come and experience the much talked-about TIP method of learning/teaching in a totally Gaelic environment. Sorry over 18’s only. The course is free but meals are not provided. Lifts available within the town to the Community Centre. Further information available on the TIP website.

Bidh Fàilte chrideil oirbh uile!


Anonymous said...

I am proud to be scottish but the sooner the gaelic contingency realise this is a museum language and start investing the money being wasted on these projects into the schools teaching relevant subjects the better.

Graisg said...

Thanks for that Ali, everyone is entitled to their opinion, the Gurn is happy to publish yours.

Anonymous said...

it has been said opinions are like arseholes everyone has one and many are full of the proverbial...

Anonymous said...

Maybe history would be a good subject to invest in, then our young people could learn how over many years gaelic and gaelic culture was repressed to the point of nearly dying out.
To deny gaelic is to deny our culture which surely everyone should be proud of?

Graisg said...

Please stay chilled. The Gurnmeister has read many pro/anti debates about Gaelic on letters pages on the Courier site for example and it can get a bit silly. Boring stuff won't get aired here!