Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AyeRight - Yes yet more on supermakets folks!

As we try and untangle the various stories with regard Sainsbury’s, Asda have announced both new build and expansion of existing stores creating some 7000 new jobs.
Whilst this doesn’t directly affect Nairn, other big supermarkets have also stated their intent to expand this year, and we can only hope (For those of us that want it) that includes a Sainsbury’s store in Nairn.
Nairn traders will no-doubt eye any development nervously, supermarkets sell much more than food, and a new supermarket could potentially knock already tumbling trade of some stores.
A notice in the Nairnshire states that a health business (Shop) is for sale is this possibly another closure if not sold?
The main body of tourists will not be along the High street for another few months, even then, how many of our shops see a boost from tourism anyway?
I continue to shop ‘up the street’ but admit I also have a 2nd message list for those items I can only get outwith Nairn, either from local towns or the Internet.
It seems unlikely that we will see many if any new businesses open shops on our High Street in the near future. But whist existing shopkeepers fret about a supermarket development, could in fact be their salvation? If Nairnites are tempted to stay in Nairn to shop because of a new supermarket is there a chance they might also use the High street more rather than travel to the likes of Forres or Inverness? I think the answer could be yes, but it will be a bumpy ride, and some traders might not survive because the whole nature of retail is forever changing.

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