Sunday, January 18, 2009

AyeRight is not sure which way his belt is going!

The diet adopted during the 2nd World War in the UK is regarded as one of the healthiest that we had in recent years. It meant cutting back on sugar and fat and eating more vegetables, and also for the UK to be more self sufficient in food production.
The population may have lost some weight but apparently we were healthier, although maybe went to bed and dreamt of chocolates?
Modern life has caught us out. We eat as though we are still toiling away doing manual labour (Which most of are not) and jumping in a car rather than walk anywhere. My journey to school was a 30 minute walk rather than a 5 minute car ride, but how many young folk would contemplate even a short journey on foot these days?
To make matters worse for our health recession is biting at our diets. Jay Rayner writes that value foods are now outselling quality lines in supermarkets such as Tescos Finest. Worse, the nutritional content or indeed
food content of value foods is exceedingly low just to save fractions of a penny on an item.

Meanwhile Fred Lee writing on the the wisebread site emplores us not to inhale our food! Fred is trying to guide Americans away from cheap junk food even though pricing can make that seem more attractive.
‘Health experts are concerned that the current economic downturn could have adverse public health consequences as more people, in the sensible quest to save money,
turn to cheaper yet less-healthy eating choices, potentially aggravating the already prevalent obesity problem in this country.’

In the UK we have see the likes of Jamie Oliver doing battle with our bulges trying to change a nations poor eating habits.
Sad to think that a lack of money could lead to us having to loosen rather than tighten our belts!

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