Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AyeRight looks at the stars and stripes

AyeRight's spin on yesterday's big event:
'Now matter what your views on the United States of America, it was difficult to go anywhere near any media yesterday and not be reminded that the 44th President of the United Stated was being sworn into office.
Myself I’m awaiting the bulging Sunday papers so that I can read in full (Or not if I fall asleep) the speeches made yesterday, as well as comment, pull out posters, stars and stripe flags, and tokens to be collected for the complete Obama miniature family figures.
In the wake of the banking crisis this is a little bit of news that the media will want to cling to as it has a feel good factor and is outwith the UK. It has had months to research the item so expect little else in terms of content if you indulge in the weekend dead trees.
I wish Obama well, even if he is now the most powerful man in the world he maybe has the worst job (OK - I concede Gordon Brown’s might beat him to that position).
More worryingly is that the Gurn now has serious competition. Putting itself firmly into the public domain the Whitehouse has a blog.
I’m not expecting to write for it but expect a wealth of humorous, satirical, and funny content as well as the serious stuff of course. We shall see, meanwhile I’ll try and munch my way through a bit more popcorn! God bless America (Someone has to!)'

Obama even mentioned Britain in his speech Ayeright, 'something about when the enemy were at the gates of the capital', can't be bothered to listen to it again for the exact words. Was listening to Chuc Tripp (from Alaska) on Reidio nan Gaidheal yesterday and he said that it was a great day for the fight against racism but apart from that he didn't think there was much else to get excited about. Tend to agree with that myself.

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