Thursday, January 15, 2009

AyeRight has a corking good time

There’s maybe nothing better after a tough day at the Gurn than popping open a bottle of fine wine. Down in the cellar you dust down a bottle of your favourite vintage, bring it to temperature in the kitchen, gently remove the cork, and pour out a generous measure.
Tonight is a Cinema of Dreams film night, so settling down you switch on the TV in anticipation of their chosen movie, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.
You take your first sip of wine - yuck it is corked. The film starts in 5 minutes, no time to get a new bottle of wine ready, so what do you do?
Well extraordinary as it may seem, you make your way back to the kitchen and pour the bottle of wine into a bowl lined with cling film. For why? follow
this link to find out - cheers, enjoy the film! (And the wine)

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Anonymous said...

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